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Frequently asked questions

Who are you?

n.exchange is an automated cryptocurrency exchange service, operated by YOA LTD. (registered company No. 10009845).

Our VAT number - GB233 5420 37.Our registered office address - Suite 11, Penhurst House, 352-254 Battersea Park Road, London, England, SW11 3BY.

Our customer support phone number in UK is +442081442192.

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What do you do?

We allow you to exchange one cryptocurrency for another. To view our currently supported coins, please click on the coin selection widget in the top of fold of the page.We will be adding more currencies very soon, stay tuned!Missing your favorite coin? Let us know here:
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What is your fee?

Our service fee is 0.5%. There are no hidden fees here: the amount you see on the screen is the exact amount you get in your wallet.

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How long does the exchange process take?

Initiating a transaction doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes. The actual processing takes about 10–60 minutes before you receive your coins in your desired currency. The transaction time depends on the selected currencies and their respective blockchains.

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How does it work?

Here is how you use the exchange:Once you have paid for your order, it cannot be reversed. Please ensure that you have put in the right address.
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Do you collect any private information?

For cryptocurrency only exchange orders , We do not collect or store any private information about you. The process is completely anonymous. For FIAT (USD,GBP,EUR etc) orders we do a strict compliance according to best KYC/AML standards out there.

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What is the procedure to 'Get Verified' for FIAT to Cryptocurrency Exchange orders?

kyc tiers

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Are you using a third-party exchange or API?

No, our solution is completely independant. We use our internal coin reserves to provide liquidity.

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How do you manage security?

We do not provide wallet hosting service at the moment. The exchange happens between two of your wallets:Once the transaction has been processed, you are in charge of your wallet balance security.
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How do I track my order?

Every order has a unique id like this:Make sure you record your order id. We recommend bookmarking the page, you can always navigate to it later.Once you have sent the cryptocurrency, losing connection, closing the tab or navigating elsewhere will not impact the transaction.If you need help, feel free to contact us.
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How do referrals work?

Whenever you create an order, a referral code is automatically generated for you.Current referral conditions are as follows:These are subject to change at any time.
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I see a 15-minute timer on my order window, what happens when it runs out?

There's a 15-minute window between the moment you open the order and the moment we detect the coins that you sent on the blockchain. During this time interval, we effectively freeze the price for your order.If the 15 minute time window closes, the order is canceled because the price will have expired and will need to be recalculated.If you did not send your funds in time, simply initiate a new order.If you did send your funds, but for some reason they were not detected, contact us through the support chat and we will help you out.
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Do you have any promotions running at the moment?

Yes. Promote n.exchange on social media (such as Twitter). We would pay you 1000 SAT for every retweet from a legitimate, real account with over 500 followers and 100 SAT for each like from an account of the same criteria.
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Do I need a wallet? How do I get one?

In order to use n.exchange, you need to have your own wallet. The main upside of this feature is that we don’t hold your coins, and thus you retain full control over your assets at all times.If you need some help obtaining a wallet for your desired cryptocurrency, please look here:Please note that we are not affiliated with the websites mentioned above, these links are for user’s reference purposes only. We will not accept any liability, obligation or responsibility whatsoever for the content of external websites.
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