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Instant Cryptocurrency Exchange White Label

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Turn-Key Solution to Start Your Own Instant Exchange

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Since 2011 the cryptocurrency industry is growing exponentially - n.exchange believes in a hybrid approach where cryptocurrencies co-exist with the traditional economic system as a complimentary method of payment, as well as an investment vehicle.

In the 2021's, in order to enter the cryptocurrency business a vast amount of capital and technical development time is required.

If you recognise the vast potential of this market, n.exchange can help you shorten your time to market significantly, from years to months, and reduce your costs from millions to only a few thousands (Dollars, not Bitcoins).

Our unique technology focuses on Bitcoin's core value proposition as a Peer-to-peer electronic cash system. There's no mandatory custody of client funds. This reduces risks, friction, and regulatory and infrastructure costs.

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Whitelabel Pricing

Monthly Price
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12 Months
12 Months
12 Months
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Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to establish a n.exchange white-label?

All n.exchange white-label products are delivered within 30 working days.

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Do I need to provide my own graphics/branding?

Yes, you will need to provide your own design and branding for your white-label. Feel free to reach out if you need help with the design, we will find a way to accommodate you.

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Can I add a coin(s) of my choice to my white-label?

The coins offered are controlled by n.exchange, however, you can choose to list a coin of your choice for a fee that depends on your chosen package. Please review the table above for details and pricing for a custom coin listing.

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How do I handle customer support?

You do not need to do that. In all paid packages n.exchange handles all customer support for you.

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How much can I earn from running my own exchange?

By default, the earnings from your cryptocurrency white-label exchange are divided 50% - 50% between you and n.exchange. This means that your earnings on fiat, credit-card trades are roughly 3% (300 pips) of the turnover, and on crypto-to-crypto trades 0.25% (25 pips). For APMs (alternative payment methods) the earning are the same 50% of the total profit (the fee the customer pays minus the processing costs, divided by 2).

For example: if your white-label has 200 BTC of crypto-to-crypto turnover + $200 000 USD in monthly fiat, credit card crypto purchasing volume, your monthly earnings would amount to 0.25 BTC + $6 000 USD, after deducting your expenses ($9 600 / 12 = $800) the exchange would net you $5 200 USD and 0.25 BTC. That’s $62 400 USD and 3 BTC of yearly operating income! Not bad!

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Would I need my own company to run my own exchange?

Operating your white-label exchange under your own legal entity is possible, but it is not mandatory. It is also possible to operate as an affiliate of n.exchange (as a physical entity). In this case, we will pay your earnings out to your personal bank account (or in cryptocurrency, to your wallet address) and you would need to pay taxes for these as an individual, according to the capital gains tax rate in your country of residence.

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What regulation is required to run my own exchange?

As of the 10.01.2020 n.exchange’s activity is regulated by the FCA in the UK. As an n.exchange white-label exchange owner, you are not required to obtain your own regulation.

Ergo, you will be able to operate using the regulation obtained by n.exchange.

However, you and your customers must use the services of n.exchange fairly and by our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and Fair Use Policy.

A premeditated failure to comply with either of those may result in the temporary or permanent suspension of some or all of the services and/or the termination of the contract between you and n.exchange.

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